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Golf Instruction

Our instructors at Dry Creek Ranch Golf Course takes pride in bringing the game of golf to all those who are interested. We encourage golfers, male and female, young and old, to call us and set up series of lessons and/or Club Fitting with one of our qualified professionals.

If you would like to reserve a lesson, please contact the pro shop at (209) 745-2330.

(1 person)

  • 1 lesson (1 hr) : $50
  • 4 lessons (1 hr): $150
  • 6 lessons include a 9 hole on course lesson(1 hr): $280

Semi Private
(2 People)

  • 1 lesson (1 1/2 hr): $40 Each
  • 4 lessons (1 1/2 hr): $120 Each
  • 6 lessons (1 1/2 hr): $200 Each

Small Group
(6-10 People)

  • 1 lesson (1 1/2 hr): $30 Each
  • 4 lessons (1 1/2 hr): $90 Each
  • 6 lessons (1 1/2 hr): $150 Each

Our Pros

Dry Creek Ranch is proud to have the following Golf Professionals as a part of our team. Together, our staff has an enormous amount of experience in the industry while each of them looks forward to working with golfers, male and female alike, of all levels.

(209) 200-2182

Hugh J. Scanlon

PGA Golf Professional

Hugh emphasizes the fundamental and the basic foundation of the golf swing. First of all reminding his students that PGA stands for more the than the Professional Golf Association but Posture, Grip and Alignment. After you have gained a solid foundation Hugh will work with other critical parts of your swing like balance, takeaway, weight transfer and the forward swing. Ultimately his goal is for the students to have fun, and adapt with students to help overcome limitations. Hugh can be contacted at (209)368-9004.

Stan Seifert Jr.

Teaching Professional

Instruction stresses identification and correction of the exact movement that results in a poor swing. The student golfer learns the cause and effect method in dealing with swing flaws through a a series of targeted exercises that enhance the motor skills necessary to feel and execute a fundamentally correct golf swing. This “Cause and Effect” methodology is what makes Golfing Simple so attainable.

It is my personal goal that each student leaves the lesson tee excited and accomplished instead of frustrated and confused. We will work together to develop your golf swing into a reaction, not a complicated maneuver. Looking forward to improving your game.